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Austin Hi Tunes Karaoke



  • Please keep all your belongings with you at all times. Hi Tunes Karaoke is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Each room has a different maximum capacity of people for safety reason.

  • Customers who DO NOT arrive for their reservation and DO NOT provide notification in advance to HiTunes in 15 minutes, the reservation will be automatically cancelled. 

  • Confetti, artificial feather or any inflammable equipments are NOT permitted in Hi Tunes Karaoke.

  • Customer who brings ice must bring icebox or leak-proof container big enough to hold ice.

  • Customer will be responsible for any items that are broken inside the room during their reserved time. If you find any broken parts from our equipment such as TV, remote controller, microphone, bench, table, and so on, please notify the front desk as soon as possible before your party starts.

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Q. What are the rates?


A. See our price chart for details. (Click)


Q. Is tax included in the price?


A. State of Texas sales tax and city of Austin sales tax (total 8.25%) will be added to your total. 


Q. Is there a minimum hour(s)?


A. You can rent our room for 1-hour minimum for walk-in and 2 hours minimum for a reservation. 


Q. Is tipping necessary?


A. We work here for our customers so you can have the best private room karaoke experience;

     We clean the room before and after your party.

     We provide you items (upon request) that can help your party going such as napkin, paper plates, cups,               forks, spoons, bottle opener, or wine opener (wine opener must be used at the front desk). 

     Tips are not expected, but they are certainly appreciated! Thank you!

Q. Do we have to pay for the full hours of reservation even though we leave early?  

A. We are to charge you the full amount of your reservation.
    Because we will not be able to take another reservation once your reservation is made.

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  Q. How many rooms do you have?


   A. We have 8 rooms with 3 different sizes. Depending on your party size, we will do our best to assign a room            that fits best for your party.



  Q. Do you take reservations?


   A. Yes, we take reservations. Reservations are highly recommended, especially on Fridays and Saturdays.

       Please visit our contact page, email or call us with your party information (Date, time, duration, the number           of People). 

      Once your reservation is confirmed, we will call, text or email you.


  Q. How far in advance do we have to make a reservation? 


   A. Normally, reservations are made a week or two weeks in advance.


      *We only take reservations up to a month early. 

  Q. Is there an age limit?


   A. As long as you don't have alcoholic beverages with you, there is no age limit.

     If you bring alcoholic beverages, make sure there is no one under age of 21.



  Q. Can I smoke inside the building?


   A. Smoking is strictly prohibited including e-cigarettes.  

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Q. Can I bring my own beverages or food?


A. You can bring your own beverages (either alcoholic or non-alcoholic) or food.

However, alcoholic beverages with minors are strictly prohibited.

Plus, food with strong odor or food that needs to be warmed up is not preferred.   

*Please bring icebox(chest, bag, etc) if you are bringing ice.

** Only Cornelius Keg (9" * 23") and Sixth Barrel Keg (9 1/4 * 23 3/8) are allowed. 



Q. Do you sell drinks?


A. We do sell beverages such as coke, sprite, juice, water, and so on, but we do not sell any alcoholic beverages.



Q. Can I bring a Birthday Cake?


A. Yes, of course! If you want to keep it cold, ask us to keep it in our refrigerator.



Q. Can I order food from a nearby restaurant and have it delivered?


A. Yes, of course, BUT make sure you don't order anything with strong odor (kimchi dishes, menus containing oyster, fried garlic chicken, etc) from nearby Korean restaurants. Each room has air return for our customer's comfort, but it will also make food smell to be distributed to all other rooms.


  Q. Is pet allowed?

  A. Yes, up to 25lbs dogs and cats with proper vaccinations are allowed. The owner must stay with them all the          time.

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